Improvement to track 10 towards Holmsund

Right now, we are improving track 10 towards Holmsund in the Port of Umeå. The work is performed by operating maintenance contractor Infranord AB together with Kvarken Ports and INAB. The improvement work is planned to be completed in November this year.

Construction work, week 44

The project with improvements around track 10 towards Holmsund is near completion; the traffic is running and the project is beeing rounded off.

De-establishment and finishing work.
• Final inspection.

Construction work, week 43

During week 42 Infranord carried out the commissioning inspection and then Kvarken Ports informed that track 10 was ready for traffic. The first train entered the track October 15.

• During week 43 finishing work is taking place.

Construction work, week 41

Under week 40 the shunting was succesfully carried out. During week 41 the following is taking place

• Welding of track joints
• Crossings are completed
• Commissioning inspection is performed at the end of the week

Construction work, week 40

The track with switchs are now connected. Ballasting with railway macadam is in progress to prepare for the shunting.

• During week 40, shunting is carried out.

Construction work, week 39

The project with refurbishment and improvement of track 10 continues
according to plan.

• Drainage complete.
• All shafts are ready for this year.
• All track ballast is laid out.
• Track construction in progress